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Latest stable release: LibreClinica 1.2

released on 23-Nov-2022

LibreClinica-web-1.2.war (sha256sum: 6dff323d6e01bc223f7b40fbb8878b9f5270aa96c482cdfa1492ece290ada81b)
77.5 MB
For LibreClinica-ws (SOAP webservices) LibreClinica-ws-1.1.war is the current stable built.
LibreClinica-web-1.1.war (md5sum: b56892304af37370104c33fb6972fdff)
75.8 MB
LibreClinica-ws-1.1.war (SOAP webservices) (md5sum: ae5935d44996eb4652e2281b7e50bfad)
77.8 MB
LibreClinica-web-1.0.war (md5sum: 30ac19beba24295e774dda18f0824381) 27-Feb-2020
75.9 MB

This project is developed by the LibreClinica community. All source code is available on github. You are very welcome to contribute.

LibreClinica is published under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.0 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

officially recommended infrastructure

LibreClinica is tested to work with the following system configuration:

LibreClinica version Server OS Application Server Java Version Database
1.2 Ubuntu 20.4 (focal fossa)
Debian 11 (bullseye)
Tomcat 9
Tomcat 9
OpenJDK 11
OpenJDK 11
PostgreSQL 12
PostgreSQL 13
1.1 Debian 10 (buster) Tomcat 9 OpenJDK 11 PostgreSQL 11
1.0 Debian 10 (buster) Tomcat 9 OpenJDK 11 PostgreSQL 11

infrastructure recommended by the community

Beside the officially supported system configurations LibreClinica is successfully used with the following system configurations by community members:

LibreClinica version Server OS Application Server Java Version Database
1.0 Debian 9 (stretch) Tomcat 8 OpenJDK 8 Postgres 9.6

Feel free to report your own system configuration if it is missing here.

LibreClinica 1.2


  • display correct role in success message for 'RemoveStudyUserRole' (#114)
  • fix for paht traversal issue and cleanup of unsupported Oracle DB (#331)
  • fixed error when filtering subject matrix by study event (#316)
  • fixed insert and show rule executions under certain conditions (#308, #305, #310, #306)
  • fixed new rule ItemGroup and item expression validation (#312)
  • include/sideinfo.jsp tr attibutes not separated by space causing errors in console log (#295)
  • wrong logging level used when generating next possible SSID for studies with autogenerated SSID (#287)
  • ODM export: code list incomplete when empty text entries are selected (#279)


  • cleanup removing (#341)
    • used undeclared dependencies
    • declared unused dependencies
    • duplicate class dependencies
  • introduced monitoring of dependencies by maven-plugins (maven-dependency-plugin, maven-enforcer-plugin) (#341)
  • removed recommendation of Internet Explorer (#302)
  • favicon in Chromium-based browsers (#247)
  • various GUI related fixes (#336)
  • removed old properties files from web module (#334)
  • parametrised SQL fixes (#323)
  • merged developer documentation into the main repository and use Markdown markup (#319)
  • removed unused logging library dependencies (#304), log4j (#297)
  • updated PostgreSQL JDBC driver to version 42.2.26 (#345)


  • 2 factor authentication (#286)
  • user login notification via email (#285)
  • role-specific offline manuals in the Tasks menu (#284)
  • additional information in system generated emails(#283)


  • changed T004 to avoid dependency of test databases
  • tests T001-08 - 10, T003-09 - 11, T038-01 - 02 for 2 factor authentication
  • tests T001-11 - 13, T004-04 - 07, and T009-06 - 07 for email notification

LibreClinica 1.1


  • Deletion of unused CRF version fails with opps page (#271)
  • fixed stylesheet for 404 page (#256)
  • fixed oops error in view events page (#246)
  • fixed oops error when displaying subject without gender (#241)
  • fixed filtering of values displayed in tables (#200, #244, #245)
  • fixed oops error in In Build Study, rule management (#238)
  • fixed CRF empty printable form is not loading (#232)
  • fixed rule import for rules using form OIDs (#227)
  • adapted escape expression to PostgreSQL 9 (#184)
  • fixed expand icon for collapsed icon panel (#176)
  • fixed LDAP issue (#174)


  • increase database performance (#249, #268)
  • updated dependency version (#265)
  • removed unused SQL query (#235)
  • remove duplicate classes from classpath (#197)


  • Enable SOAP compatible password generation (#248)
  • fixed issues for LibreClinica-ws (#205, #207)
  • documentation on LDAP (#202)
  • add LDAPS support (#186)


  • created test specification T003-08 for LDAP user creation (#217)
  • created tests specifications
    • T011 subject matrix
    • T012 subjects
    • T013 study events
    • T015 double data entry

LibreClinica 1.0


  • wrong remove row icon in eCRF with repeating group (#115)
  • add-new-user result in oops (#105)
  • export job rescheduling does not use new upcoming start date (#162)
  • load ehcache.xml even no matter if the CacheManager already has an empty default configuration loaded
  • deleting an event crf results in oops page (#111)
  • creating an import job results in oops bug (#123)
  • login: prevent a user from logging in multiple times (#104)
  • Error page shown upon opening Default Study (#39)
  • user role 'Data Specialist' wrong shown after 'change study'' (#87)
  • user role 'Monitor' shown as 'monitor' after 'change study' (#88)
  • Error page shown upon opening study subject casebook (#52)
  • fix invalid column mapping for class CrfVersion (#56)
  • Audit User Activity: logouts are not displayed (#40)
  • startup fails with an empty database (#10)
  • changes for the site event definition configuration is not fully saved (#15)
  • count of dn assigned to me is wrong (#19)
  • count of dn assigned to me is wrong (#20)
  • unwished deletion of file attachments (#21)


  • Fix reference to wrong project page in footer (#120)
  • Remove the help icon, adapt documentation links and remove the dead URLs (#125, #154 )
  • Remove Report Issue Form link in Opps! page (#135)
  • Fix wrong welcome to after login redirect (#140)
  • Reference to wrong project page in footer maintenance (#118)
  • Wrong Report Issue Form link in Opps! page maintenance (#131)
  • Wrong Welcome to, briefly flash in page title maintenance (#136)
  • Add border to div tablebox_center maintenance (#143)
  • round corners for buttons (#145)
  • rename project to LibreClinica (#67)
  • replace all usage of System.out (#90)
  • remove duplicate style definitions from 'styles.css' (#102)
  • replaced OpenClinica-ODM with LibreClinica-ODM (#5, #8)
  • fix warnings for class AbstractDomainDao (#55)
  • main menu: show 'Support' entry only if it is configured in the (#38)
  • remove unused lib rome:rome (#43)
  • remove unused lib rome:rome-fetcher (#44)
  • remove RssReader since it is not used anymore (#42)
  • remove news box from the login page (#32)
  • send message "is ub a ldapuser??" to the logger (#13)
  • poor performance in group forms due to redundant loading of the same javascript file (#17)
  • deactivate 'collectStats' (#22)
  • data export: reduce memory usage of DatasetDAO (#23)
  • change favicon to the LibreClinica version (#28)
  • change groupId to 'org.libreclinica' and artifactId to 'LibreClinica' (#30)


  • Person ID in Subject Matrix (#61)


  • added test requirements
  • added test T001 (authentication with username and password)
  • added test T002 (authorization with user roles)
  • added test T003 (account management)
  • added test T004 (study management)
  • added test T005 (crf management)
  • added test T006 (event definitions)
  • added test T007 (subject group classes)
  • added test T008 (rule management)
  • added test T009 (site management)
  • added test T010 (study user management)
  • added T014 (data entry testing)
  • added T031 (study audit log)
  • create example study for the tests testing
  • placeholders for test-docs that are not finished yet
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