LibreClinica Documentation

Welcome to the LibreClinica documentation page! On this page you can find manuals, installation instructions, how LibreClinica was tested, test specifications for self validation, as well as links to external resources.

If you are looking for further assistance you can find a list of professional partners on the support page.


Depending on your role in a clinical trial or register study different tasks need to be done. To learn the right processes within the multitude of LibreClinica functions manuals targeted to different roles provide all the detailed instructions you need to do your work.

Installation Instructions


To make the quality of LibreClinica transparent, test specifications can be used to validate the software. We also offer test results provided by the LibreClinica community. The validation of a computerized system is an extensive task requiring experience particularly if you operate in a regulated environment (such as GCP, 21 CFR Part 11). You can find assistance on the support page.


are very welcome. There are many ways to contribute: testing, giving feedback, writing/updating documentation, funding, organizing events, spreading the word, and of course software development. Developers please read the documentation for developers.

External Resources

Since LibreClinica is based on OpenClinica® 3 community edition it is likely that existing online resources such as are still useful in LibreClinica context.